Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The question we get quite often is how are you different than what I can find online.  Well we can offer the same inventory but instead of working with someone who has flipped on a switch and made it possible for you to book your travel packages yourself.  I am a real person, an extension of you so to speak offering you the personal attention to make sure you understand every component of what needs to book for your vacation package.

All too often we see people who are traveling from their city to a destination in the Caribbean and not realizing they now have to overnight on their way to their destination or on the way home.  Lets face it you are excited to get your vacation started as early as possible.  The air fare you thought was such a bargain is now turning into a forced overnight that will require you to sleep on the floor at the airport or to be more comfortable, leaving the airport and checking into the hotel.  To further frustrate the situation you are now going to have to find your way back through security to board your flight.  Not so convenient anymore.

The delay of your overnight flight on the day that was supposed to be the kick start of a rocking vacation is cramping your style.  You still have a few more hours to get to your destination, check into the hotel and find your way to the beach.  It's early afternoon and you are probably hungry too.  So on the way to your spot you stop for a bite to eat.  Everyone has already been by the pool for hours or all the lounge chairs by the beach are now occupied.  If you had arrived the night before, you would have already claimed your spot on the beach.

On the flip side you made it to your destination in one day but opted for a return flight with an overnight in a connecting city on your way home.  You woke up early checked out of the hotel and had to make your way to the airport on the shuttle with 10 other people that are leaving the resort to get home.  You chum it up and have a nice ride back to the airport.  You chat a little longer as you make your way through security and to the gate.  Once boarding begins you lose track of them only to see them again as they proceed to their gate for their connection home.  You meanwhile are trying to figure out what to do since your flight home does not depart until the next day.

As someone who looks at itineraries all day everyday, it is these things that we look for.  The forced overnight connection may seem like a good deal but the additional expenses to accommodate this choice begin to add up.  Want to be comfortable and not sleep on the floor?  An extra hotel night will be have to be arranged.  Driving your personal car to the airport? An extra day of parking is something to calculate into the expenses of your departure and return travel budget.  Boarding animals or having someone come into your home to care for them?  They will have to be compensated for this extra time.  Not to mention you have deflated the expectation of getting on the plane and getting your vacation started right away.

With Bella Destinations Travel, you can feel confident that all the details are being handled, all the options are being considered and professional advice is being offered because after all it is about you and your vacation. 

To check out land and cruise packages available to be booked visit: http://www.belladestinationstravel.com.  If you find a package you like, submit an inquiry and an agent will contact you to discuss the details and how to book.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Moving Forward

Bella Destinations Travel is excited to begin working with the local community of Conroe, TX.  Our 20+ years of travel sales experience, personal travel and continued education gives us an edge to ensure the best services and product are being delivered for our customers discerning tastes.